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Our School Culture

Our School Culture is the basis for establishing  how we learn, comport ourselves and thrive while in attendance at Our Lady of the Lake School.  According to Paul Bambrick-Santoro, in his book, Leverage Leadership, “Student [school]  culture makes sure students build the habits of mind and heart that allow their learning to fly. School culture systems are the foundation upon which students develop virtuous action.”  In defining that culture there are some root beliefs, some core values, and a shared purpose that we all must embrace.

Based on our faith as a Catholic community,  at Our Lady of the Lake School, our root beliefs and core values are:


Core Values:

  • Faith
  • Joyful Service
  • Love Always
  • Work Together
  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance

Root Beliefs:

  • God is ever present, Christ is our example
  • We are called to serve
  • Everyone will learn
  • We are a school…we are a family

The purpose we all share as members of the Our Lady of the Lake School community is to:

Praise God, work hard, love one another!”